Emma Swift Kirkman creates whimsical images of wildlife using linocut and woodblock reduction printmaking in the traditional method.

Emma grew up in the North of England and moved to Cumbria where she lived for 15 years, she completed an MA in Creative Practice at the University of Cumbria. Emma has always been interested in wildlife, especially birds which feature in much of her work. To date Emma has produced many prints based on European flora and fauna often depicting the deep connection she has to the natural cycle of the wheel of the year and the changing seasons. Emma has recently recently migrated to South Australia where she has a whole new encyclopaedea of antipodean flora and fauna to experience. As such new work is currently in progress...

Reduction prints

Example product title

  • 'Mid Afternoon Moon' woodblock reduction print.

    A bitterly cold December in the Northern Hemisphere, it was close to the Winter Solstice and thethin sliver of the moon was visable. Blackbirds were feasting on the rosehips, a great source of energy for them in this cold and dark time of the year.

  • 'Goldfinches and Teasels' Reduction Woodblock

    In my garden I purposefully sew teasel seeds to attract one of my favourite birds, I waited patiently until they were big enough to flower and set seed. I didn't take long for the goldfinches to find them. I felt like I had won the lotto when they did!

  • 'Stone Chats' woodblock reduction print.

    A summer holiday in Cornwall, I was lucky to see these beautiful birds in the stunning cornish headges on the headland of the Roseland Penninsula.